The Importance of AI-enabled Marketing in Improving Websites Performance

The Importance of AI-enabled Marketing in Improving Websites Performance

Marketers always try to find out the way to boost website traffic. And AI is one of the best ways to make this desire happen. Artificial intelligence marketing solutions offer ways to bridge the gap between data science and execution. It helps to reduce the bounce rate, which shows the percentage of users who leave without delving any further than the initial page. In this article, we will show you what is AI marketing and its importance.

What is AI Marketing? 

Artificial intelligence marketing (AI Marketing) is a method of leveraging customer data and AI concepts like machine learning to anticipate your customer’s next move and improve the customer journey.

With big data and advanced analytics solutions, marketers now can build a clearer picture of their target audiences than ever before. When marketers have big data insights, they can greatly boost their campaigns’ performance and ROI without essentially extra effort on the marketer’s part.

Above is just the general definition of AI marketing, we will give you some further information about this useful method. There are a few key elements that make AI marketing as powerful as it is today. They are big data, machine learning, and the right solutions.

Big Data

This concept is quite simple, it refers to a marketer’s ability to aggregate and segment large sets of data with minimal manual work. Then, marketers will use this data to make sure that their campaign delivery the right message to the right person at the right time. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning platforms are a useful tool for marketers to access and understand this huge data repository. They can help identify trends or common occurrences and effectively predict common insights, responses, and reactions. Then, marketers can find out the root cause and likelihood of certain actions repeating.

Powerful Solutions

Artificial intelligence marketing solutions are truly learning how humans react to the world. For this reason, the platforms can identify insightful concepts and themes across huge data sets, incredibly fast. Also because of interpreting emotion and communication like a human, AI solutions able to understand open form content like social media, natural language, and email responses.

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How Can AI Marketing Help to Reduce Bounce Rate

How Can AI Marketing Help to Reduce Bounce Rate

As we have said above that Ai-enabled Marketing is a method that leverages customer data and AI concepts to improve customer experiences. Specifically, AI marketing contributes towards engaging disabled users and reducing bounce rates on websites in some following ways.

Improving Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is to make sure that all users have equal access. Even for users with visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive impairments, they can still have the same access without any barriers. AI marketing use technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to help marketers deliver personalized and contextualized experiences.

Facebook is a great example, the company has incorporated the automatic alternative text tool backed by object recognition technology. This helps visually impaired when they swipe past photos, the tool generates detailed descriptions of the photo’s elements. But now this feature is just available for IOS devices.

If you own a website or building a website, you can consider accessiBe, an AI-powered, pioneering web accessibility tool that simplifies the way business owners deliver accessible content to disabled users. This tool helps you to automatically generate accurate alt text descriptions for images on websites, improving accessibility for visually impaired users. Also, the application ensures the website is compliant with WCAG 2.1.

Boosting Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is naturally a defining metric to reduce bounce rates. Since the online world is complicated and diverse, it is difficult for marketers to identify customer types and engage them based on their requirements. 

However, AI marketing can help you to deal with this problem. It categorizes disabled users and self-optimize websites to improve conversions. For example, for users with hearing difficulties, it will offer textual scripts. Then, it will be easier for them to access video or audio content. It also helps boosts search engine ranking.

In the past, these scripts were entered manually, but with the advent of AI-powered technologies, they can be generated automatically. 

Offering Personalized Recommendations

AI marketing helps you improve customer experiences by offering relevant recommendations. The AI algorithm leverages data such as account information, customer preferences, purchase history, and contextual information about the customer. Therefore, it can provide highly relevant recommendations, which improve user convenience and helps with online purchases.

According to the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), web usability for the disabled is defined as the extent to which users can use a product to obtain specified goals. For this reason, there is a raising need to include simplified and understandable instructions on websites to help people with cognitive and learning disabilities.

Provide AI-enabled product recommendations make it easier for disabled users to search for products and information. These recommendations help narrow down the search results. In addition, they prevent customers with cognitive or learning disabilities from getting lost in the deluge of online information. 

Having More Customer Information to Enhance Quality of Service

It is a fact that personalized services result in exceptional customer experiences. Let compare traditional analytics and AI-enabled analytics. While traditional methods are time-consuming and tedious, AI marketing allows marketers to deliver quick and seamless customer services. Besides, the results from traditional analytics will also be confined to pre-defined metrics, but with AI, marketers can have numerous customer information.

AI-powered marketing uncorks numerous relationships from data to predict customer behaviors with the utmost accuracy. It also finds the drivers and inhibitors of delivering seamless customer services. AI-enabled marketing initiates the right questions to derive insightful customer data. That makes AI marketing stand out other conventional methods of collecting customer data, such as feedback forms and sign-ups.

AI marketing provides marketers a new method to improve website performances. Using AI marketing efficiently helps marketers extend their customer base, understand and explore a different segment of the audience. In addition, it helps reduce bounce rates and drives potential traffic.

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