Shopify App Store Has Updated The New Reply-to-Review Feature

Shopift App Store has updated the new Reply to Review feature

Like any other online platform whose review section is extremely important for its own development, the Shopify App Store has found a new way to make this feature much more advanced: the reply-to-review feature.  No longer did merchants leave their feedback and then receive no reply due to the old-fashioned one-way review system, things has changed, reviewers now have a chance to get the notification for app developers responding to their comments on the app listings.

So how does this amazing new feature work and how to take full advantage of it? Let’s dive right in.

How does reply-to-review work?

How does the Reply to Review work

Thanks to this new feature, you, the app developers, are able to reply to all reviews available on your app listings left by merchants no matter when they were first posted. To make merchants aware of your response, Shopify send an email to the merchant who left the review with what you replied to him. However, whenever you edit your response, which is totally possible regarding this innovation, the merchant will receive an email updating your reply. Therefore, you should bear this in mind. A warning is that if merchants send a report to Shopify complaining about your language infringing the regulation in terms of our Partner Program Agreement or causing depressing experience, your case will be solved following disciplinary action or removal.

Focus on the feature customers wish to address

As an entrepreneur, you definitely want to introduce all of your features or services to your customers. However, let put yourself in the customer’s position so that you can give the best reply. Imagine that when you left a comment in an online app to ask about one feature but the developer respond a list of complicated features, which will make you feel annoy and hard to capture the information that you need. Therefore, do not use reply systems as a promotion channel, you should answer exactly what merchants want to know.

Reply to a positive review

Responding to a positive review is as important as a negative review but maybe some of you wonder why do we have to reply to these nice reviews. But more than being the polite thing to do, it also shows your appreciation for the users who spend time and money on your apps. Replying to good feedback is quite easy. You just need to say thank you, for example, “Thank for your nice review, this really made our day”,… Moreover, you can invite them to return, which helps you to have more repeat customer.

Reply to a negative review

Negative reviews sometimes are cruel and hurtful to your pride. Some businesses choose to ignore this kind of feedback, but it can make things worse. If you let negative review be unresponded, you may be lost so many potential future customers. They are looking at the review system and decide to use your apps or not. Therefore, the best thing to do when you receive a bad review is reacting quickly and smartly.

To crafting the right review respond, saying sorry to show that you are concerned about merchant’s problems. It also shows your sympathy that they had a bad experience. Responding to negative review gives you a chance to investigate user’s feedback further. Then provid them with support materials about any changes or improvements you have made to solve their problem. In case of not finding solutions, you can promise to make things right in the future. By replying bad review, you show your willingness to acknowledge the customer’s experience, take on and solve their problems, which makes your business grow sustainably.

Create templates for responding to review

While responding to review may be time-consuming, it’s worth it. However, if you see there is a group or merchants having the same problem, creating templates and pre-written responses is a useful way to save your time. In addition, there is a variety of responding templates that you can consult and make your own respond playbook.

Make the most of reply-to-review feature to create customer loyalty

This cutting-edge feature of Shopify so far has created a new way of interacting with your users, enabling app developers to maintain a two-way conversation between you and the merchants who left reviews on your app. This ultimately allows Shopify to build a better relationship with consumers. The reply-to-review feature helps you to have plenty of regular customers and plenty of satisfied customers as they will be kept updated with your sincere response at any time, showing your dedication and your company’s honour all commitments.

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