Amazon Launched A New Feature “Amazon Day” to Select Weekly Delivery Date

Amazon Launched A New Feature “Amazon Day” to Select Weekly Delivery Date

The new feature Amazon Day was introduced to Amazon Prime members with the promising purpose of making delivery more predictable and less produced waste. So what is this new feature and how can it support the ideas of environmental sustainability?. Let’s dive right in.

1. What exactly is “Amazon Day”?

Normally, you shop each item and get separate delivery days for each order, which can be quite a nuisance if you have to be at the address to get the package. Amazon Day is a new shipping option of Amazon which lets you select a weekly delivery, which means you will be expecting to receive your package on just one day for every week. This cuts down the number of times you receive the orders and make the delivery much more predictable. You can keep adding the ordered items and Amazon to ship them all in just one day. More convenient and less concern about how you can get the delivery. For example, you live in a neighborhood where package theft happens, you can set a weekly delivery date to receive all your orders.

2. Who can use “Amazon Day”? Does it limit you in any way?

This feature can also be considered an exclusive perk for Prime members. Customers can manage their delivery a lot better than before. Although there are rising questions such as “What if customers want to receive their order faster, for example in 1 day, 2 days?” Amazon answers that Amazon Day is just one of the shipping options. You can still select “one-day shipping” or “two-day shipping” for urgent orders. While for the rest, you just keep selecting Amazon Day for other orders during checkout. The interesting fact is 2 days before Amazon day,  you are still able to keep adding to cart items and selecting this shipping option. Please rest assured that faster shipment still operates the same while Amazon Day is just another option to make delivery more convenient for you.

3.  Can Amazon Day really benefit the environment?

Combining ordered items and make delivery on a weekly day helps reducing the waste produced such as boxes, wrapping papers, etc from a delivery. Imagine how this works for many other customers. On a trial test of “Amazon Day” on a selected number of Amazon Prime members, they state that this new shipping option cuts down tens of thousands of boxes for several months of test. But the Amazon representative didn’t announce the exact numbers of Amazon Prime member took part in the test so we can’t analyze the data thoroughly.

However, one thing we sure know that fewer boxes mean less waste and less pressure on the environment. This groped shipping option is a part of the new movement from Amazon to achieve the goal of “Shipment Zero”. To be more specific, Amazon intends to make half of its shipment zero carbon by 2030.

Amazon Day isn’t the first action to contribute to the Zero Carbon plan. We have seen other ideas such as Ship In It Own Container, Frustration-Free Packaging, Solar and Wind Farm… And Amazon isn’t the first one to initiates actions to reduce the impact on the environment. Other companies are making plans and action to lessen the effect of E-commerce activity on the environment. For example, Walmart claimed to reduce plastic packaging for 30.000 SKUs. Esty totally offsets carbon emission of shipping process and this is the first E-commerce retailer to achieve that.

4. Final thoughts

The younger generation has taken more interest in environmental protection and sustainable development, thus retailers may take this new perception to make their own actions and influence consumers’ decisions. Customers may turn to the provider who proves to care more about the environment. Nowadays, it is not just the promotion that attracts new customers, it also about the value and contribution to society.

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