4 Pinterest Ads Hack You Can Use to Grow Your Online Business

4 Pinterest Ads Hack You Can Use to Grow Your Online Business

Launched 10 years ago, Pinterest has quickly grown and become one of the most popular social media sites. Nowadays, more than 300 million people use Pinterest every month. You may have thought the platform was useful only for finding recipes, home decor, and DIY projects. If you think that, you are wrong. 

Among the mass amount of users each month, 98% of them have tried something new they found on Pinterest and 84% use Pinterest when they’re trying to decide what to buy. And 77% of Pinterest users have found a new brand or product. Through these impressive numbers, you can see that Pinterest has evolved itself as an invaluable tool for individuals and brands. 

Pinterest ads are trying to help brands connect with customers, increase sales and grow their businesses. So how to make use of it? Here are 4 tactics that you can try to make more revenue and grow your business.

Let Your Pins Tell Audiences a Story 

We can not deny that the visual you create and promote on Pinterest will help you to get more viewers and then take the desired action. However, a beautifully designed visual is not enough. As we have said in the “Future of Marketing and Advertising” blog, the future of Marketing is experience and emotion. 

The good visual just makes your audiences interested in your products at first, but nothing stays in their mind after they glance over your pins. By blowing a story into it, your audiences can get your message you’re trying to get across with your ad. Below are three tips you can apply to make sure that your ad is telling a clear story:

  • Find out your “main characters”: Make it clear for viewers to recognize whom you’re trying to address in your ad. In that way, customers can see what are you offering to help them achieve their goals?
  • Point out the enemy: Help viewers understand what challenges or obstacles you can help them overcome. For example, if you’re selling athletic clothing, the enemy you might focus on, the one that prevents people in your audience from working out might be excuses, fear or lack of motivation. 
  • Make a promise: Give viewers a clear idea of how you can help them overcome these above obstacles. Make a specific promise that will motivate them to take the intended action you want them to take after seeing your ad.

When you create ads on Pinterest, telling a story will help you build trust and connect to your customers on a human level.

Utilize with Text 

The most important part of an ad is call for action and the text is the best way for you to deliver the calling message. There are some places that you can set your text and message, such as in the title, on static images, overlaid on top of video or included within the description of the pin you’re promoting.

To have a successful ad, you have to develop and use text that delights viewers. Plus, the text also can deliver the overall message you’re trying to get across with your ad. It also gives audiences more information about the product or service you’re trying to promote. 

Some firms and movies use text wisely to promote their products and their movie. For example, La La Land used overlay text to entice viewers to watch its film. Or Kohl’s used text to add more context, value, and flavor to its pin promoting a new line of pillows. Another example is THINX, it has used static image text and supporting description text to make a clear promise to prospective customers who came across their ad.  

Pay more effort in making Pinterest ads and try how to use text creatively and usefully. Every word and letter that is used in a smart way can add additional value and context for the Pinterest users who see your ad, then it will bring higher sales and revenue.

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Experiment with Ad Formats

Taking a try in many different types of format ads will help you to persuade your ideal customers to take action. 

The first format you can try is promoted pins, which look like standard pins and are the best place to start when you’re trying to understand how to build and launch ads on Pinterest. Promoted video pins are another type, which leverages video to grab the attention of users. They may appear in feeds, search results or in the “more like this” section below a pin.

The third one is promoted carousels allowing viewers to swipe through multiple images in a slideshow. And the final is promoted app pins, this type of ad with go along with the button that let users to directly download the app from Pinterest.

Focus on Your Landing Page

Once audiences react to your advertising efforts, you may want to send them away from Pinterest to your website. Then make sure that you spend as much time building and optimizing the landing page they ultimately see as you spend on the ad. If you intend to connect your website to a Pinterest ad, here are some tips for you:

Make sure that the messaging and images and graphics you use on your landing page align with the content you’re using in your ad. In this way, your visitors should not feel confused when they click through your ad and arrive on your website. 

This may be the golden rule that is “keep it simple”.Some brands make a mistake that they are wasting time and resources to over-complicate their landing page with information or media that Pinterest viewers won’t care about. Keep your design simple and visually pleasing. 

Give a clear call to action message. Make it easy for viewers to know exactly what you want them to do within a few seconds of arriving on your page. Don’t make it easy for them to get lost or wonder why they are there.

One important note that you must remember that what works effectively with other brands may not suitable for your brand. Therefore, the best way to know what your audience responds to best is ongoing experience.

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