Shop: A Digital Shopping Assistant You Must Have

Shop: A Digital Shopping Assistant You Must Have

The last decade saw a significant shift from brick-and-mortar stores to more online transactions. This trend currently keeps dominating and there is no indication of dwindling. Several online stores have been built due to the increasing demand for online shopping. Customers become more careful in choosing the right stores, while some still get confused. In that event, a digital shopping companion is undoubtedly an appropriate solution.

Shopify quickly catches the trends. In 2020, Shopify has launched Shop, a new mobile app that enhances the shopping experience. The most preeminent features of Arrive and Shop Pay, formerly Shopify Pay, have converged in Shop. Shop assists customers with better payment, better tracking and better shopping.

Using Shop, online stores can promote sales as the app helps shoppers optimize the purchase procedure. Shoppers are able to quickly proceed checkout as well as follow their orders and delivery based on real-time updates. Shop delivers a personalized customer experience through package delivery product recommendations from favourite stores.

Improve conversion rates using Shop Pay

According to a survey conducted by Installment Payment Solution Splitit, around 87% of online customers abandon their carts during the checkout process if it is lengthy and cumbersome. The survey also reveals 55% of online shoppers will abandon their cart and never come back to the site if they find the checkout too complex. Data strongly suggest that e-commerce stores should invest in enhancing shopping experience otherwise they will lose out.

Shopify introduced Shop Pay, an accelerated checkout that stores customer’s email, credit card, shipping and billing information for future transactions. The e-commerce company states that an online business client has witnessed conversion rates improving by up to 18% for returning customers after activating Shop Pay.

E-retailers can easily activate Shop Pay and leverage its outstanding features to improve the checkout process. There is no need for clients to make further changes. Accelerated checkout will be operative right after enabling Shop Pay.

Customers can choose either to save their payment details or not after finishing the first purchase with a store activating Shop Pay. If they allow storing payment information, they can opt to proceed checkout with Shop Pay in all future purchases. For users who have already installed Shop, they are able to enjoy a personalized customer experience throughout relevant suggestions which depend on their purchase history.

Here is how retailers can turn on Shop Pay.

Retain customers with personalized recommendations

Customer acquisition is one of the most common growth levers as it brings in more customers and increases the customer base. However, the average cost of winning a new customer keeps climbing at a fast rate, especially for B2B and B2C businesses. A large proportion of revenue comes from repeat customers as a consequence. In that context, retailers must realize the importance of customer retention, and come up with strategies to retain loyal customers. Shop provides every retailer with a new channel which recommends their existing customers to buy relevant products.

In detail, Shop enables in-app suggestions which bring users back to stores they previously purchased. A Shops tab runs as a customized shopping feed which shows product selection, special promotion, events and new arrivals based on their purchase history as well as the stores they follow.

Online shoppers quickly reach out to their preferred stores while retailers can focus on retaining customers without having to make any effort. Repeat customers can easily place further orders using Shop’s straightforward checkout process.

Shop functions as a personal digital assistant of customers to make them satisfied throughout their shopping experience. Furthermore, Shop helps business clients build confidence with new customers before they make an initial purchase.

Shop assists small businesses by building customer trust

COVID-19 is causing a global health emergency and a global economic crisis. Small businesses have experienced tough challenges, and seeking ways to cope with such situations is never an easy task. Due to lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, customers switch to online shopping instead of going to physical stores. However, they are unsure whether shops are open or not, as many retailers are forced to close their stores in order to restrict viral transmission. 

To help business clients deal with the situation, Shop informs customers whether their stores are nearby and if they allow pickups in stores. Customers then are able to place orders from nearby stores and, if they find the delivery time is too long, choose to pick up in-store.

Shop also brings a feature called Shop Facts, which reviews the level of reliability whenever displaying an in-app recommendation. Customers are now no longer hesitant about purchasing products from a shop, as all information about their operation and manner of working becomes so transparent.

What users have to do is downloading Shop. No other modifications are required to use Shop Facts as it is an automatic feature. During the shipment of goods, Shop also builds trust with customers by sending real-time updates on their orders and delivery details.

Build customer satisfaction

Once successfully place an order and wait for delivery, customers want to stay updated on the orders to ensure they receive the product. Most businesses use email to notify their customers, and they have several transporters. However, it is difficult to make their email stand out in an overloaded inbox while sending too many emails really distresses buyers. Keeping a tab on their own orders and shipment details becomes complicated for customers.

Rather than sending too many notification emails, Shop synchronized with the buyer’s email address to keep track of orders. Shop provides detailed and up-to-date information about purchases from every online retailer. Customers no longer get stuck in their crowded inboxes to search for the latest update emails.

In addition, buyers can take a thorough look at delivery status within a real-time map view and instant notifications. Shop informs when the order arrives and notify them to take goods. Customers don’t need to spend time contacting sellers to stay updated on their orders, as all information is available in Shop. Shop takes care of the whole buying activity and delivers the highest level of satisfaction.

Shopify creates a new way to shop online

Online retailers and their customers can leverage the best features from Shop at no cost. Shop acts as an assistant of users while supports the competitiveness of any business client during the current economic crisis.

Shop sets a firm ground for online shopping experiences that currently make commerce better for everyone. Businesses must catch up with the latest trends because what makes customers satisfy changes over time. Shop supports by taking on the smallest tasks and fulfilling them responsibly while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Shopify is confident that they provide a platform which makes e-commerce more straightforward than ever, and Shop is a wise shopping assistant anyone must have.

It’s completely free to download Shop, available for iOS and Android.


How to enable Shop Pay for customers? Clients can enable Shop Pay as well as other accelerated checkout options in payment settings. Shop Pay only works if they are utilizing or meet all requirements of Shopify Payments.

How to persuade customers to use Shop? Once a customer has finished checkout, they can keep track of their order directly from Order Status Page. Businesses must add and activate the ‘Track with Shop’ option at checkout.

Are businesses sure to appear in recommendations? Yes, as when they have activated Shop Pay, personalized recommendations from their store will be automatically displayed in customers’ shopping feeds. It is completely free and requires no other adjustments.

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